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“Hilarious,” is what actors and directors say about these plays. Useful for older actors in any skill level, the shows are both fun to read and perform.

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    Michele M. Miller

    Actors and directors alike adore this book for its hilarious plays and offbeat, sometimes kooky, characters. You’ll meet Penny and Al in a new documentary in The Newlyweds, best friends Gladys and Myrtle who learn slang in Huminawah?, and lightning-paced Freud’s Couch where Dr. Cooper gets her therapy from a frazzled, unwitting patient.

    All of the plays are short–six are under 5 minutes long–allowing you to mix and match for whatever length of production you desire. Originally created for use in a long-running class for older adults, now they are available royalty-free. You’ll quickly discover that these plays are not only audience favorites!

    • Michele writes for me and my people! These play are irreverent and hilarious. A must-have for older actors who are looking for fresh, funny material. Bravo! – Liz Larsen, Tony Award® Winner, Drama Desk Award, Stage, Film & Television Star
    • “Theatre-Antics” is a delight! Michele Miller’s plays are filled with charm. When I wasn’t laughing, I was nodding in recognition of the work’s uplifting honesty. – Bill Rosenfield, Playwright and Two-Time Drama Desk Winner
    • Michele uses her skills to make others’ dreams come true. – Jimmy Brogan, Head Writer “The Tonight Show” starring Jay Leno
    • Michele Miller has created a magic formula of accessible material that’s age appropriate, and of course, fun! So many seniors are going to have a blast bringing these plays to life. – Rachel Feldman, Hollywood Director
    • Humorous, and yet with poignant depth, each play is a pearl of a piece. I thoroughly recommend them. – Barbara Carey, CEO Northwest Family & Children’s Services

    Includes the following plays:

    Plays Under 5 Minutes

    4 women
    Two lifelong friends, Gladys and Myrtle, meet for their monthly manicure at their favorite Nail Salon. Gladys is confused by Myrtle’s new language skills. She does her best to pick up the slang as they get their nails done.

    Mandarin Oranges
    2 women or 2 men, using pronoun changes
    Cousins Betsy and Irene talk about their formative years growing up in a rural mid-west town. The mere mention of ‘mandarin oranges’ sparks a particularly unique memory for both of them.

    The Hockey Game
    2 women, plus 4-6 background actors
    Two best friends, Jane and Carol, attend a hockey game, much to the disgruntlement of Jane, who has just suffered a loss. Her loss will surprise you.

    Freud’s Couch
    2 women, 1 voice-over
    A highly agitated psychiatrist named Dr. Cooper has her first session with new patient Pat, who just started dating again after losing her husband. Though complete opposites in personality, they agree on one thing that excites them so much that it culminates in an explosive conclusion.

    Dr. Ludman
    2 men, 1 voice-over
    In the waiting room of Dr. Ludman’s office, Josh and Moishe meet and eventually realize that their afflictions are funnier than they thought.

    2 men or 2 women, using pronoun changes
    Seated next to each other on a commercial airline flight, Danny and Steven find themselves as seat-mates. As their conversation develops, they discover the reason for their acutely dry skin which has gotten worse with age. Hint: It’s not what you think.

    Plays Over 5 Minutes

    The Newlyweds
    2 men, 1 woman
    Still happily married after 47 years, unconventional couple Penny and Al welcome a visit from a documentary filmmaker named D.D. James. D.D. is interviewing Penny and Al for his film entitled Winners of The Newlywed Game–Where Are They Now? Through lively dialogue and hilarious quips, D.D. learns exactly what makes a partnership like Penny and Al’s work.

    Scrabbled Eggs
    4 men, 1 woman
    It’s The Fifties Diner where anything can and does happen! A couple of snooty tennis pros get their comeuppance from an unlikely source. More importantly, a woman learns the value of self worth…and how satisfying a short stack of pancakes can be.

    1 man, 1 woman
    Marlene, a dizzy former cosmetician in her 60’s, comes home from a date, perplexed by a problem that only one person can help her solve – her husband, Frank. There’s only one wrinkle; Frank is deceased. Marlene calls on Frank, now a ghost, who reluctantly leaves a golf game with Arnold Palmer, in order to help his former sweetheart solve her problem.

    Chair Aids
    2 men, 2 women
    It’s Game Night at Donald and Judy’s house. They await Donald’s younger sister Lily and her husband Dan for a game of charades at their home. Lily is sweet, kind, and quite hard of hearing. This play is an homage to the comic genius of

    About the playwright

    Michele Dagavarian-Miller graduated from Hofstra University. She performed on Broadway in two hit musicals, Runaways and Fiddler on the Roof. She is an accomplished singer, pianist, flutist, and guitarist. Michele has been writing music and lyrics, monologues, scenes, and plays all of her life. She created a successful, long-running class for older adults which was the inspiration for Theatre-Antics. Semi-retired, she spends her time thinking up funny things to say. Then, she writes them down.

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