Switching Sides


Martha is a world-class inflictor of guilt. She has sharply developed her skills of manipulation and uses them on her son, David. Will Martha succeed?

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  • Arthur Keyser
    10 minute drama
    1 man, 2 women

    About the play: With just over 7 decades of training, Martha has earned World Class Guilt Tripper status. She performs her masterwork on her son while her daughter-in-law is out of range. Lacking adequate counter moves, he resorts to a shocking nuclear option. In response, Martha adopts a surprising new attack strategy.

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    About the playwright: Arthur practiced corporate law in Philadelphia area for fifty years. Though he had been a writer for most of his life, he began writing plays when he was 80 years old. His first ten-minute play was one of ten selected for the Odyssey Ten-Minute Play Festival in Florida and was performed before a full house. Arthur is the founder and artistic director of the Senior Friendship Center Performing Arts Theatre, is a lifetime member of The Dramatists Guild of America, and is a member of the Sarasota Area Playwrights Society. Arthur has written four full-length plays, one forty-minute one act play, and more than 24 short plays.

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    Arthur S. Keyser



    Running Time

    10 Minute Play





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