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Volume II of the best-selling Age on Stage: Comedies for Readers Theatre. These short comedies are tons of fun for both actors and audiences!

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    Drena Heizer
    Ten 10-minute comedies
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    Here it is-Book Two from the author of the best-selling Age on Stage®: Comedies for Readers Theatre, Volume 1. Open to any page in this book and you will find quirky characters in humorous situations, and that’s why these short comedies are so much fun for both actors and audiences.

    For example, we’ve all had annoying restaurant experiences but none quite like the one Marge encounters in Lunch With Eddie. TV judges are lampooned in the ludicrous Courtroom Capers, and Mother Goose characters turn up in ridiculous roles in Law And Disorder. An amateur theatre group stumbles through a mystery play, airline passengers experience a strangely unusual journey, and a department store Santa Claus gets an unwelcome surprise. These funny adventures and many others are included in this intriguing collection of ten 10-minute comedies.

    Plays in this volume include:

    Lunch with Eddie
    1 man, 2 women, plus narrator
    Two women meet at a restaurant, anticipating a nice lunch and an enjoyable visit—until Eddie the waiter shows up.  From then on, everything goes awry, and Marge’s reactions escalate until finally something outrageous occurs.

    Visit to Santa
    2 men, 1 woman, plus narrator
    A department store Santa Claus has a long, annoying session with two mouthy little kids who ask embarrassing questions and insist on telling him family secrets, so he is glad when he finally gets them to leave and he can take his break. But then the store manager brings him startling news.  Click here for a FreeView

    Courtroom Capers
    2 women, 2 men, narrator
    There has been an assault involving a chicken in a supermarket, and our drama takes place in a courtroom. The judge is cranky, the bailiff is snippy, the other two characters are annoyed, and there is a lot of trouble with mispronunciation of names. This finally sends the judge over the edge. Click here to read a FreeView

    The Journey
    2 men, 2 women, plus narrator
    Bob should have stayed home from this airline trip, but of course he couldn’t have known about these odd people on the plane or about the strange and alarming announcements from the cockpit. And then there is that  thing with the maple syrup… Click here to read a FreeView

    The Private Eye [has been performed online!]
    1 woman, 1 man, narrator
    Sam is sitting in his office when suddenly the door opens and a woman walks in- a lady with a dark past who is looking for someone. Sam agrees to help her, and this changes his life forever. Click here to read a FreeView

    The Mystery Thing
    2 men, 3 women, 1 either, 1 narrator
    An amateur theatre group is reluctantly reading through an improbable mystery play written by their director. The script has been badly typed by one of their members, and because there are not enough male actors, one of the parts is played by a woman in a ridiculous disguise. Nevertheless, the show must go on. Click here to read a FreeView

    The Helpmate
    1 woman, 2 men, plus narrator
    We look in on Adam in the Garden of Eden as he places an urgent phone call after making some startling discoveries. Everything has been just fine before this, but now what is he supposed to do about what just happened? Click here to read a FreeView

    Law and Disorder
    2 woman, 2 men, plus narrator
    Featuring nursery rhyme characters, this is a radio broadcast from the Land of Mother Goose. The bickering news team reports the bizarre happenings in the community, and an exciting trial at the courthouse is covered by remote broadcast. After the verdict is read there is a surprising announcement by the accused.

    Where’s Columbus? [has been performed online!]
    2 men, 1 woman, 1 either
    What if Christopher Columbus had sailed in a different direction back in 1492? After his wife nags Chris, he finally does sail away, but he is in for a shock. Click here to read a FreeView

    The Holiday Letter
    1 man, 2 women, plus a narrator
    Do you ever get those annual letters from distant relatives, old classmates and former neighbors that you haven’t seen for years? Those long, detailed, annoying letters describing their exciting adventures, their brilliant children and their fantastic accomplishments? If those letters make you feel like two cents, and you’d love to get even, you can sympathize with the character of Erma in this very popular play! Click here for a FreeView


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    I loved Volume I so much that I just had to try Volume II. These plays are even better. This lady can really write! Her shows are easy for my actors and I’m always relaxed because I know the audience will love them too. —Jenny S., Activity Director

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