Plays about Private Eyes and Detectives

These shows all relate to Private Eyes. Put them together to create a production of any length. Click on the title for play information and to read a FreeView, then order your copy.

Mike ‘Hard As’ Nails
A series of three short, humorous plays to perform singly or together! They all star a private eye and his cronies, similar to the hard-boiled private investigator dramas of the 1950s.

Mike ‘Hard As’ Nails and the Case of the Wandering Buck
15 minute comedy
1 man, 1 woman

Mike stays away from cases of unfaithful spouses, but Joy Buchanan is so charming and convincing he takes her on as a client. Besides that, he needs the money. Joy hires him to follow her husband Buck and catch him and his paramour in “the act”–of eating and drinking

Mike ‘Hard As’ Nails and the Case of the Missing Mink
15 minute comedy
1 man, 2 women

Mike has had a bad year. What he needs is a well-heeled client. Who should knock on his door but the diamond-flashing Suzette Swank who hires Mike to find her missing mink coat

Mike ‘Hard As’ Nails and the Case of the Loving Lozanos
15 minute comedy
2 men, 1 woman

As a private eye, Mike has seen some pretty sleazy characters in his day but none as bad as Louie ‘the Louse’ Lozano, bug exterminator and owner of the House of Pestitution. Louie feels his marriage is falling apart so he hires Mike to find out what his wife wants in a man.

Readers Theatre Karaoke: Roxie McCoy, Private Eye
15 minute mystery comedy
4 men, 9-12 women
Roxie McCoy is a street-smart, no-nonsense private eye. In this comic sketch, Roxie comes to the aid of an English Baroness with a secret.

The Day They Kidnapped Blanche: The Revival
30 minute mystery comedy
3 men, 3 women, 1 either
Blanche, an energetic retired teacher is having a blast starring in a community theatre comedy when the FBI needs her to outsmart a tough criminal and dim-witted assistant!

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