Plays about Dating

These shows all relate to Dating. Put them together to create a production of any length. Click on the title for play information and to read a FreeView, then order your copy.

5 to 15 Minute Shows

Canine Contact
5 minutes
1 man, 1 woman
George and Gracie briefly share the challenges of getting older. Through a happy exchange of ideas, they emerge hopeful about the future.

Rachel Holds Court
10 minute play
2 women
Feisty Rachel reveals more than she intends when she dispenses dating advice to Lenore. Such a nice show!

10 minute comedy
2 men, 2 women
When an online encounter leads to a blind date, two widows plot an escape strategy just in case. Only to have the romance turn the tables on them.

Blind Date
10 minute comedy
1 man, 2 women
Jen is meeting her online date in person at an upscale restaurant. When Gus arrives it looks like he might be a great match! Short, funny show with a surprise ending.

Do You Believe in Magick?
12 minute comedy
3 women
How do you get someone to ask you on a date when you are a witch? Love potions? Magic charms? Maybe all it takes is a carefully dropped hint.

World’s Oldest Hobby
10 minute comedy
2 men, 2 women
How about a new hobby that only requires a telephone and some imagination? Jan and Barbara are making some interesting choices.

11 minute comedy
1 man, 1 woman
Jay and Amanda are a couple waiting to happen–or are they? An under-five soccer game seems an odd place to find a companion but maybe the grandkids are the key.

Double Date
16 minutes
1 man, 2 women
Two women show up at the same time for a first date with Thomas. A little mistake becomes a big mess that creates only one solution for the women. Funny!

15 Minute shows and Longer

Secret to Making the Perfect Lasagna
20 minute comedy
1 man, 8 women
If Max is to win Wendy’s heart, she decrees, “You must be able to make the perfect lasagna.” Lasagna! Max doesn’t even know how to spell lasagna!

How to Marry the Rabbi
20 minute comedy
1 man, 8 women
When the rabbi’s wife unexpectedly walks out on him, three women compete to win the rabbi’s heart. This heartwarming comedy is sure to be a hit!

20 minute comedy
1 man, 1 woman
Jake and Rachel meet through an Internet dating site. But the computer seems to have made a mistake. Or did it?

Hot Pursuit
30 minute comedy
1 man, 4 women, 2 offstage female voices (can be double cast)
Three friends each try to outdo each other in appealing to a now-available man. The action is frantic and funny!

Casserole Casanova
50-60 minute farce
2 men, 5 women
Roger, recently widowed, is visited by five women friends bearing gifts of food. Competition ensues with hilarious results.

Senior Moments
5 funny, touching short plays in this series. Below are two of the five shows:

  • The Code
    13 minutes
    1 man, 1 woman
    Two seniors, Rose and Charlie, meet at a café on a blind date set up over the Internet.
  • Growing Old
    9 minutes
    1 man, 1 woman
    The sequel to The Code, Rose and Charlie meet again. Charlie is once more on the prowl for older women, but Rose has had an “unexpected dose of reality.”

There For You
100 minute musical, 22 songs
4 men, 8 women
With lovely music, endearing characters, and a fast-moving plot, this musical is a love fest which teaches the true meaning of being “there for you.”

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