The OLLI Players

The OLLI Players have become well known for entertaining senior communities throughout Northern Virginia. The group also acts for serious purposes! As part of Fairfax County’s ‘Silver Shield Anti-Scam Campaign,’ the theatrical troupe has performed sketches to help seniors understand scams targeted at older adults. The sketches have been broadcast on the Fairfax County Public Access channel and were performed for the County Board of Supervisors.

To reach an even broader audience, the OLLI Players works with the Fairfax County’s Office of Family Services to provide a continuing series of presentations at Sunrise Senior Living communities. They also continue to perform for senior centers, assisted living communities, and libraries. They have added an old time radio show to the repertoire, which includes Olli’s Follies, an Ed Sullivan-like variety show, memories from the heart, talking about our lives, and spoken lyrics. They also perform a murder mystery called Sherlock Bones and the Unfortunate Demise of Elvis.

The group has grown in stature from the many performance requests they get and because they have a wonderful time entertaining with joy and fun.


Kathie West

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