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Senior Theatre Online July 2011
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Bonnie’s Column: Summertime playreading
Senior Theatre conference this August
Tip of the Month: Selecting a play
Group of the Month: Sarasota Silver Stars
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Bonnie’s Column: Summertime playreading
Bonnie Vorenberg
Bonnie Vorenberg

A hot summer is a great time for Senior Theatre. Though it’s been very warm in most of the country, we have cool and overcast weather here in Oregon. If we didn’t have ten months of rain and clouds the rest of the year, a cool summer would be just fine us!

If you’re like a lot of directors, summer is when you are inside in the AC or outside under a tree reading plays, deciding what to perform next year. We know you’re thinking about your season. Every day we talk with directors about the plays, books, and materials which might work for their company. Whether they lead rank amateurs or skilled professionals, they find something in our large collection–from skits to three-act musicals.

One of the keys to becoming a successful Senior Theatre director is to build a library. A show that wasn’t right last year, might be the perfect thing for this year. Even for us, when we build our collection of plays we read a lot also. For our new catalog, we read over TWO HUNDRED plays to select 45! So start reading, keep reading, and soon the exact, best show will jump to the surface. You’ll know it when you read it!

It’s been great to hear that folks are enjoying our new catalog. If you didn’t receive a hard copy and would like one, please contact us. If you need help making your selections, don’t hesitate to give us a call or email. We’re here for YOU!

Have a great summer!

Bonnie L. Vorenberg
ArtAge Senior Theatre Resource Center, President

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Senior Theatre conference in August
Time of Your Life Players to perform at the conference
Time of Your Life Players to perform at the conference

We’re getting ready to attend the upcoming Senior Theatre intensives at ATHE’s 2011 conference in Chicago. Many Senior Theatre lovers will gather for panels, performances, and to drop by our exhibit. It’s a great way to connect, learn, and expand horizons. We’ll be at The Palmer House Hilton Hotel from August 11-14, 2011. Drop by and say hello, chat, and let us know how we can help you.

Here are the Senior Theatre panels and performances:

  • Life, Death, and Repair: Using Lifewriting, Personal History, and Reminiscence to create Powerful Theatre
  • Oral History to Theatre: The Unbroken Circle
  • Gray and Gay: Sharing the Past, Living into the Future through Oral History and Performances
  • Senior Theatre Focus Group Meeting
  • AgeQuake Theatre’s Leading Ladies Ensemble: The How, Why & What
  • Theatre & Aging: Theories & Practices
  • Great Age Series: Time of Your Life Players and Neighbor Tarkington
  • Starting and Maintaining Young at Heartland: A Performance and Discussion

Join us!

Tip of the Month: Selecting a play

Play selection is one of the most important tasks a director does. If you choose a great play, things fall into place and you’ll have a success. Choose a not-so-good script and you’ll have difficulty every step of the way. Here are some criteria to use in selecting plays:

  • Does your first impression, your instinct, say the play will work for you?
  • Does it have the appropriate number of roles for men/women?
  • Is it the right length? Can you combine shorter shows to make a longer one?
  • Will the genre work?
  • Is the show at the right level of difficulty?
  • If your actors memorize, do the lines flow logically?
  • Can the play work as a readers theatre or script-in-hand production?
  • Can your company do the staging? Technical elements?
  • Will your audience like the show?
  • Does the play feature age appropriate roles?
  • Can you get permission from the publisher to perform?
  • Is it fun?

If you answered “Yes,” to a majority of these questions you probably have chosen the right show!

Group of the Month: Sarasota Silver Stars
Sarasota Silver Stars announce their new partnership
Sarasota Silver Stars announce their new partnership

It took the Sarasota Senior Theatre eleven years to build a strong company with an excellent reputation. Now, they’re taking the next leap and merging with a well-known community theatre, the Players Theatre. Blending the two organizations will result in a new company with a new structure…and a new name, The Sarasota Silver Stars. The Senior Theatre company will move its operations to the Players Theatre. Then it’s up, up, and away.

The founder of Sarasota Senior Theatre, Irene Silver, couldn’t be happier! The new organization, partially named in her honor, will have a permanent home. It will have the backing to expand its programming and to develop new ideas into reality.

The troupe features performers 50+ and meets three times a week. Each year, they will present two large productions and a mini-series, lead by a professional director and musical director. The season begins September 6, 2011 with classes in acting, singing, and dance.


We’re on facebook and youtube
Check out our new facebook page.
Check out our new facebook page.

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