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New Plays for Mature Actors is our best selling play collection with solid scripts that feature dynamic roles for today’s mature adults.

Here’s more information about the plays in this collection:

The Day They Kidnapped Blanche
Ann Pugh & Katy Dacus

30 minute comedy/mystery
4 men, 3 women. Some parts suitable for younger performers, but can be performed equally well by seniors.

When residents in area nursing homes start disappearing, the FBI takes notice. Blanche Sherwin, English teacher-turned-stage actress, lands the role of a lifetime when federal agent Steven Devon asks her to go undercover to gather evidence. With the unwitting help of other residents, Blanche helps catch the criminals in the middle of the act.

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Just a Song at Twilight
Marcia Savin

30 minute comedy romance
1 man, 1 woman

As an attractive woman in her 60s moves into a senior apartment complex, she’s welcomed by a tenant from a park bench. He offers a “warmish” toddy from his thermos, explaining he’s toasting his departed friend. They sip and banter in the chilly air. Death makes her think on life and on what really matters. For her, it’s her memories. He quips that he tries to forget everything. She tells of her one great love — her long-absent husband — and how that memory sustained her through some hard times. He jokes and scoffs at the notion of “great love”. As she describes what made this man so special, he starts looking uneasy. They hear a street musician’s saxophone. He suggests they dance…

“Thank you for writing such a beautiful script. It was a pleasure being in the show.” Bob Berry, Epilogue Theatre, Indianapolis, IN

“Just a Song at Twilight was the inspiration and catalyst for “Go Like 60”the San Diego Repertory Theatre’s Senior Citizens Theatre Company.  The production so impressed a patron that she presented the company with a $4,000 grant to continue the work with senior actors and audiences!

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The Challenge of Bureaucracy
Carole Glickfeld

7-10 minute comedy sketch
1 woman, 1 voice, several phone attendees can be male or female

An older lady has not received her last Social Security check so she calls a bureaucrat, an activity director and other agencies for help. Finally, she hangs up in frustration only to have her call answered by a more powerful force. Short, easy to produce as a reading and best of all, audiences love it!
Anna’s Brooklyn Promise
D.K. Oklahoma
50 minute comedy
2men, 3 women

Anna and Virginia are having lunch at their regular restaurant where Jack, the chief, is always taking good care of them. This day, a strange lady called Bea comes in asking for something to eat without having enough money for it. Because of a promise made with Virginia, Anna is going to invite Bea to live in her house. Having fun and enjoying life, the group of friends is going to fight Bea’s old family problems. Lovely and funny, this play ends by the death of Bea who was sick but she will gave to Anna the best time of her life.


All the Comforts of Home
Howard T. Amend
10-15 minute comedy
2 men, 4 women, 2 men, 1 narrator who can be male of female

Gracie, Miranda and Sara are seeking a new roommate! After some strange people asking for getting the room (a young girl who smokes pot and a fancy lady who doesn’t know how to make her own bed), it seems that they found the perfect person… but it’s a man! Cletus is a real gentleman and knows that he can get the room easily, because, he can cook and fix house’s problems! But he has also made counterfeit money…What will the neighbors think? A lovely play, very easy and funny to perform!


Lalapalooza Bird
Tim Kelly
 20 – 25 minute comedy
Cast: 2 men, 2 women, 2 girls, 1 boy

Grandpa is very happy to live in his beach’s shack, looking to see a whale with his telescope. But his daughter, Estelle, wants him to come at her apartment with his husband and his granddaughter Sarah. Both of them try to convince him but Ginny and Ralph, rescued children by Mrs. Baker want him to stay. But as Ralph says: “It’s not easy to cage a Lalapalooza Bird!” Great story with children and adults sharing the stage!

Today a Little Extra
Michael Kassin

15 – 20 minute comedy
2 men, 1 woman, 2 men

Mr. Levine is taking over Mr. Abrams’ kosher butcher shop. But the new owner is not really used to the neighborhood and has to learn how to run his store. Mrs. Finkelstein, an old client, is going to convince Mr. Levine to keep Mr. Abrams in for a while because he had been very helpful with the people of the quarter. A nice play with a lot of good feelings!

Doris M. Vineberg


20 – 25 minute comedy
3 men, 5 women

Sam is always sat on his favorite bench in the park; even he has to make a course for his daughter. He always takes of his time to talk to random people, giving them advice and smiles. One day, Anne comes in the park, looking for Sam desperately. But what if she learns that Sam died two years ago?


It Hardly Matters Now
Roger Cornish

30 – 35 minute comedy
1 man, 2 women

Herb and his wife Carrie are having a diner with their old friend May. And what if Herb had been married with Carrie, because of a bet between her and May when they were young? And what if Herb discovers the all thing because May can’t cut her tongue out?

Old Flames
D.K. Oklahoma

20 – 25 minute comedy
1 man, 2 women

Ray and his wife Angie are visiting Ray’s mother. But they weren’t expecting that all of her previous lovers were going to come too! Ralph, Jimmy and Henry are here because Grace invited these 3 gentlemen to help them but there could be a little bit more.

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