Most Performed Shows in ArtAge Senior Theatre Resource Center

We are thrilled to announce that there were 714 performances of our shows in the last year!
Here’s the list:

Title Author
What’s on TV? Drena Heizer
Age on Stage: Comedies Vol I Drena Heizer
Gin and Tonic John Clifford
Santa Flunks Retirement Drena Heizer
Noah Bob Rinfret
The Meeting Drena Heizer
Louie and Louise Bob Rinfret
A Slight Misunderstanding Drena Heizer
The Helpmate Drena Heizer
The Stick-Up Bob Rinfret
Lunch Ladies at L’Ambrosia Luncheria Pamela Loyd
Silent Movie Bob Naquin
The Elevator Misadventure Drena Heizer
Little Bundles of Joy David Wiener
Side Effects Drena Heizer
The Blathersons Give Back Drena Heizer
The Naked Man on the Couch Richard Davis Jr.
Chatterton Country Club Annette Tringham
Doctor, Doctor Bob Naquin
Joggin’ Along Dory Kaiser
The Last Day at W.O.R.K. Brandon Daughtry Slocum
and JP Schuffman
The Pie Ladies Sherry Piros
You’re The Jury: The Case of the Steele Deal Steve and Susan Shear
At Halftime Art Shulman
Courtroom Capers Drena Heizer
The Rehearsal Drena Heizer
The Speeding Ticket Bob Naquin
At The Border Bob Wilkins
Cross Words Terri Ryburn
The Challenge of Bureaucracy Carole Glickfeld
Frank’s 75th Christmas Brandon Daughtry Slocum
Now Hear This Dory Kaiser
The Complaint Department Larry Ferguson
The Dr. Jill Show Drena Heizer
A Brief History of Mah Jongg Faye Sholiton
All I Want Is the Recipe Georgia Tuxbury
Casserole Casanova Herb McCollom
High School Reunion Arthur Keyser
It’s Hell Getting’ Old Harry Stutt
Mrs. Claus Bruce Boeck
The Hotel Lobbyist Bara Swain
Under a Full Moon in November Paul Pastore
The Journey Drena Heizer

 Never hesitate to contact us if you need help making selections!

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