Lora Lee Ecobelli

Lora Lee is an actress and writer. Her plays have been produced regionally and in New York City. At present, her screenplay Chickadee that she co-wrote with her brother, Tom Ecobelli, is in preproduction and slated to start filming. It will star Oscar winning actors Chris Cooper and Ellen Burstyn and Emmy award winner, Julie Kavner. Other works include: Blue Horses, Conversations atthe 7 Eleven, Adelaide and The Devil, The Audition and A Piece of Pie and The Little Oasis.


Garden of Entanglements

Lora Lee Ecobelli

1 man, 1 woman
18 minute comedy

In 1945, Pilar was a beautiful French Cabaret singer during the war. In a smoky jazz club she meets Allen, a trumpet player with the army band. Their passionate love affair flourishes and after the war, Allen brings Pilar back to the United states to be his wife. After 40 years of being the perfect wife, Pilar falls into a deep depression when she realizes that her once vibrate life has wilted away. After an extended separation, the couple slowly begins to rediscover their love in Pilar’s beloved garden. Simple set.

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Royalty: $10 per performance
E-script: $15

Hard Copy $20.

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