Intergenerational Theatre

Magic happens when youth and seniors work together on stage. Whether you prefer to perform for children or if you’d like to build a show together, these books will guide you. Not only are the projects enriching and fun, they build community!

We have many intergenerational plays, both short and long pieces, in our collection. Use the Play and Book Directory, below, for a complete listing.


The intergenerational company, Roots&Branches, performs Crash

Brian Farish

Flexible cast with any number of men, women, adults, or young people.

Created by the well-known intergenerational company, Roots&Branches, this show turns the economic crisis into an unprecedented opportunity to bring the generations together. The wisdom, stories and strength of the elders, the ‘roots,’ have never been so relevant, as the young ‘branches’ try to cope with the sudden changes in their economic prospects. How do we live with fear? What gives us security? Can I actually give up bottled water? With its singular brand of theatrical humor, poignancy, drama and style Roots&Branches uniquely provides audiences with hope, insight and joy in these hardening times. The one-hour play fosters spirited dialogue with the audience in an open post-show discussion and open new avenues of intergenerational understanding.

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generatingGENERATING COMMUNITY: Intergenerational Partnerships Through the Expressive Arts
Susan Perlstein and Jeff Bliss

Learn how to create living history plays with kids and seniors. Place storytelling on center stage as you discover the rich and powerful process created by the ground breaking Elders Share the Arts program. They’ll help you start one of your own and pull it off with success.

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legacyLEGACY WORKS: Transforming Memory into Visual Art
Susan Golden with Susan Perlstein

Engage seniors in reminiscence and storytelling and learn how to transform recollections into visual art. Great Ideas for oral history interviews in a step-by-step program that excites and inspires!

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