Interactive Plays

You're the JuryYou’re the Jury: The State vs Max Cooper

Steve and Susan Shear

1 ½ to 2  hour courtroom drama
3 men, 2 women, 16 gender flexible roles

Peter Lambert moved into a tranquil community and soon began terrorizing the neighbors including Max, an upstanding member of the town. Soon they were in a feud that escalated on one fateful night when Max shot Peter in the shoulder, causing Dean Palan to veer off the road and die.

Arrested for the attempted murder of Peter Lambert, and the death of poor Dean Palan, Max contends that he “didn’t know the gun was loaded with real bullets” and that his wife, Savannah, switched the blanks for the real thing. Savannah was outraged by the accusation even though she had a flirtatious reputation and was rumored to have been ‘involved’ with Peter.

The State argues that rage and revenge were involved in this exciting courtroom drama, laced with humor, in which the audience, as the Jury, must deliver the verdict. Three different endings are provided depending on the jury’s outcome. Unique, interactive and engaging.

Comes with the jury ballot, reporter’s questions and more–everything to make this a suspenseful, fun, theatrical event!

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Mr. E'sMR. E’s RADIO SPIRITZ SHOW – An old-fashioned radio murder mystery suspense comedy (where the audience takes control of the sound effects).

Jonathan M. Zaley

11 parts total plus 3 commercial announcers
Men/Women can play all parts
75-minutes (pending adlib with audience reaction)

A 5-episode cliffhanger old-time radio murder mystery variation of Wayne & Schuster’s Rinse The Blood Off My Toga, the spoof of the murder of Julius Caesar.  The station manager of WMOO assigns members of the audience to handle the sound effects for the upcoming live radio performance which turns into one hilarious laugh fest as the audience tries to keep up with their sound effects duties. From horses galloping to creepy footsteps, gunshots, and a whole host of other spooky sounds which were all part of what made mystery radio so special.

It is fantastically funny and mysteriously murderous…basically, JUST PLAIN FUN!

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Gen. BingOGen. BingO-a comedy about life, patriotism, bingo…and a chance to wind a frozen turkey

Jonathan M. Zaley & Mary A. Zaley

1 man, 2 women, plus audience participants
90 plus minutes, depending on adlib with audience

Set in the local VFW hall for Wednesday Night Bingo, audience members are made to feel like one of the regulars out to win some extra money or the grand prize…a frozen turkey!  Greeted by Major Payne, a Vietnam veteran and lodge president, the audience is put through their paces to keep Bingo Night in line.

They’ll laugh and sing and play some wild and wacky audience games as they get to know Ruthie and Dot…two latecomers to bingo night. Dot is a die-hard bingo player and Ruthie tags along to try to improve her relationship with her Mom. They talk about life, patriotism, bingo secrets and other attendees on bingo night.  It has a great comic bit with three male veterans chosen from the audience, so it makes for a fantastic patriotic show, whether for Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July or Veterans’ Day.

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WHEN IRISH COWS ARE SMILING – THE Hilarious MOO-morial Tribute to O’Leary’s Cow

Jonathan M. Zaley

2 men, 1 woman, plus audience participants. 80-minutes+ (pending adlib with audience reaction).

“A wacky Irish comedy built around Mrs. O’Leary and her famous cow, the zany show returns with all of its wit, charm and laughter.” The Daily Herald.

“A knee-slapping performance filled with friendly jabs at the Irish and cheap cow jokes.” The Courier News.

Set in March 1872, five months since the Great Chicago Fire, this MOO-morial service, held at the Diggum, Deepe & Dye Funeral Parlour, pays tribute to Mrs. O’Leary’s cow, Daniella Joy, the infamous firebug.  Audience members (guests) coming to pay their respects are greeted by Justin Thyme, the funeral director, and a sobbing Catherine O’Leary as they enter and pass by a black-velvet painting of the honored bovine, surrounded by flowers and plants in Ireland’s colors.

Guests are selected to read eulogies as if this famous cow was a dear friend, and the audience sings along to some familiar Irish tunes with a skewed twist on the lyrics (Moo Ra Loo Ra Loo Ral, Danni Joy, When Irish Cows Are Smiling, When the Cows Go Marching In.) As Catherine O’Leary takes the podium to thank her guests for attending, she, with the help of the audience and the Happy Hallelujah Irish Sisters (three male audience members in drag), determines that Danni Joy was not to blame after all, and discovers who the true culprit was that started the fire.

Based on the theories of Richard F. Bales in his book, The Great Chicago Fire and the Myth of Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow.

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Memories of a Wonderful Life

Jonathan M. Zaley

3 men, 1 woman (the “heavenly” part of Joseph is done backstage as voice only and can easily be done with a pre-recording as well), plus audience participants.  80-minutes+ (pending adlib with audience reaction)

You may be familiar with the annual television classic, It’s A Wonderful Life, but this LIVE theatrical version has a little twist!

Red-hatted Clarence A-S-2 (Angel, Second Class, y’know) and George lead the audience on a journey where the audience gets to play the characters of Bedford Falls, New York. Narrated by an elderly woman and with the help of the cast, they guide the audience through the story using props and feeding them lines to keep everything moving along. It turns into one hilarious show as audience members try to do their part to keep the story going; and, are touched by this heart-warming story as one man rediscovers a life full of blessings…and a daughter fondly remembers a childhood from long ago.

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Natalina DePhillips

70-minute comedy
1 man, 4 women, plus audience participants.

This wonderful and touching story is sure to tug at every audience member’s heart-strings, no matter how old. As a widowed senior citizen and despondently living in the attic of the house she legally owns because she is mistreated and ignored by her own family, Cynthia Rella ventures out to find that her later years in life will be more fulfilling and exciting than she could have ever expected. This tale comes complete with two evil daughter-in-laws, a “fairy” granddaughter, and, of course, a handsome “Mayor” Charming.

The audience becomes part of this fairy tale in the second act as they are converted into honorary guests of the mayoral ball! This story will most definitely fill your audience’s souls with laughter, adventure, love, and last but not least…a happy ending!

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SPARE NOTHING – A Comedy That Will Bowl You Over!

Jonathan M. Zaley

2 men, 2 women, plus audience participants
90-minutes (pending adlib with audience reaction).

As they say in bowling centers around the globe, “Split Happens,” and this audience-interactive comedy will have you rolling in the alleys with laughter while you watch one of the league semi-finalists, St. Mary’s of the Alley’s Mixed Nuts bowling team, as they prepare for their big championship game. This bunch of pinheads will keep you giggling as they talk about missing a league member’s funeral (because NOTHING prevents you from missing bowling practice), to rented bowling shoes, to those gorgeous bowling alley waitresses, to good ole camaraderie and more.

This show is sure to “strike” a nerve for anyone who has ever bowled or had to live with someone that did!  Audience plays some of the characters of the bowling center.

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