Improv4Life – John Propster

Since 2016, Improv4Life has provided free workshops for residents of the Senior Meadows Retirement Community. The group works with improvisation, theatre games and creative drama exercises, instead of presenting performances. The Improv4Life participants laugh, build self-confidence, think outside the box, and build community. These are marvelous and effective antidotes that lessen feelings of loneliness and isolation which can occur as we age. It’s an entertaining way to foster improved mental health and wellness while enjoying theatre.

Improv4Life instructor John Propster is passionate about helping seniors stay mentally fit by providing a platform for older adults to be creative and have fun. In response to the pandemic, John migrated the workshops to Zoom and will return to in-person classes as soon as possible.

After 30 years as a high school drama teacher and director in the San Francisco School District, John Propster relocated to the mountain town of Flagstaff, Arizona. He would be thrilled to expand the program to other senior living and assisted living communities.


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