How To Order

Below is some basic information but if it doesn’t answer your questions, feel free to contact us or call toll free at 800-858-4998 or 503-246-3000. We’re here to help you!

How can I order? You can pay by:

  • Phone: We can take your order over the phone using a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card. We also accept Purchase Orders and can issue invoices. To use American Express, we’ll send a PayPal Request for Funds which can be paid with American Express.
  • Email: Click here to send us your order.
  • Online Ordering: Use the ‘Add to cart’ button with each product, then proceed to ‘check out.’ You can pay with a credit card or with PayPal, a trusted and secure payment service.
  • Mail: Print the Order Form in Word, or the OrderForm as a PDF  and send payment or billing information.

How do international orders work? We appreciate our many international customers. Thanks! PayPal cannot calculate international shipping costs because distance and weight of each package varies greatly. We have many products, all weighing different amounts, traveling different distances.

  • Here’s the process: We assemble your order and then compute the processing and/or shipping fee. Then, we send you a PayPal “Request for Funds.” The minimum processing fee for international orders is $8 USD. Once PayPal notifies us that the fee has been paid, we’ll send your materials promptly.
  • We accept checks, purchase orders, and money orders in U.S. Dollars.

How do e-scripts & e-documents work? Once we receive your order, we process it, then we email your plays/materials to you. If you order online, your scripts are automatically downloadable. Remember to download promptly after your purchase as the downloads expire.  There is no shipping fee for e-scripts and e-documents.

What if I need my materials immediately? Let us know if you need the materials in a hurry. We’ll do everything possible to rush them to you.

What about royalty? Buying a script does not give you permission to perform it, unless it’s a non-royalty piece. Royalties are due when you perform for any audience, paying or non-paying, amateur or professional, doing memorized pieces or readings. You may be liable for a penalty of over $300 for not paying royalty. The amount is listed online with each play or book or contact us for quotes.  Click here for more information about royalty.

Can I edit or re-write a play? Plays must be performed as written. Any alterations, additions, or deletions to the text must be approved. If you need to adjust the show to meet community sensibilities for language use, sensuality, or gender roles, contact us.

Can I copy the script? Copyright laws require that you purchase cast copies of the plays. Both electronic and hard copy cast copies are available. Plays in books are copyright protected, so contact us for an e-script.

How do I get permission to use music in our shows? You need to write to the publisher for permission. The information is usually listed on each page of the sheet music. An ASCAP license does not give you permission to perform music which is only applicable for lobby and non-performance use. The benefit of using scripted musicals is that you don’t have to write all of those permission letters!

Returns:  We cannot accept returns, except for musical perusal copies.

Can I film or videotape a show? No filming in any medium is permitted without permission from ArtAge Publications.

How do I submit a play for publication? We have a reading season which is announced in the e-newsletter. Plays are accepted year round and will be held for the next season. For formatting instructions and more submission information, please consult our Writers’ Guidelines.

What is your Privacy Policy? ArtAge does not disclose, distribute, sell, rent, lease, or in any way share information about our customers. We may use your mailing or email address to send you information that we feel might interest you

What other questions do you have? Let us know your questions. We are happy to answer them for you.

It’s a pleasure to help you bring the arts to older performers!

 We appreciate your support.
Thanks for helping older performers fulfill their theatrical dreams!

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