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Senior Theatre Online January 2012
Table of Contents
Bonnie’s Column: Fulfilling dreams–after 62 years!
Visit our new, re-designed website
Tip of the Month: New members bring richness to companies
Audience participation is great: You’re the Jury-The State vs Max Cooper
Group of the Month: ACT–ACTivate Your Community
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Bonnie’s Column: Fulfilling dreams–after 62 years!
My Mother-in-law and her boyfriend search for her photo that he carried in his wallet for 62 years.
My Mother-in-law and her boyfriend search for her photo that he carried in his wallet for 62 years.

When we went to my mother-in-law’s home for the holidays, we met her new boyfriend. They had been sweethearts in high school but World War II and life interfered. Now, they have a chance to be together, when they’re both 88 years old. In fact, the boyfriend carried my mother-in-law’s photo in his wallet for 62 years…amazing!

Love knows neither age nor time. How wonderful that two special people found each other and want to share their lives. Their story reminds us to never stop reaching for our dreams. Our wishes might come true if we continue to strive towards them.

I hope this year brings you many more opportunities to reach for, and achieve, your fondest hopes.

Bonnie L. Vorenberg
ArtAge Senior Theatre Resource Center, President

Click here to see plays about love
Visit our new, re-designed website
The home page of our new website<br /><br /><br />
The home page of our new website

We’re excited to announce our new, re-designed website. If you haven’t visited in a while, click over to seniortheatre.com and check out the newest features.

You’ll love the easy-to-use Search feature. Now you can locate plays, books, and materials by genre, by men/women cast numbers, and running time to help you find the best materials. We’ve even listed all of the plays in our many play collections so you can see what is in each book. What a great way to uncover lots of gems!

While you’re at the site, visit our new Playwrights and Authors Page to get a comprehensive look at the playwrights and authors and the work they’ve done.

The new site is so easy and convenient that before you know it, you’re shopping cart will be overflowing. And, by the way, even the Shopping Cart feature is new!

Let us know what you think. We’d love to hear your feedback.

Click here to explore the new website
Tip of the Month: New members bring richness to companies

Our Tip of the Month comes from a director who complained that the members of her Senior Theatre company did not want to have any new members join their group. She felt that perhaps the older members were afraid of competition or of change. Her situation is not unique. So, it’s a reminder of how important it is to have ways to incorporate new members into the group.

One way to develop a pool of talent for your Senior Theatre company is to hold on-going classes. You can teach basic acting to start, then move onto other topics. Publicize the classes in the community and not only will you bring attention to your company but you’ll attract older adults who have always wanted to act but never took the leap. As the students learn about acting they’ll also understand how you run the group and what’s expected of company members. Make it easy for students to step in when illness or absenses hit the group.In addition, classes are a great way for company members with less energy or less time to stay involved.

Don’t let your company get stale. Continually build a stable of new, willing students ready to take to the stage when you need them. Keep your Senior Theatre company healthy, vibrant, and continually growing!

Click for more directing ideas in Directing Older Actors

As the UNLV Senior Theatre program closes, another group starts. The UNLV Senior Theatre program developed playwrights and helped many seniors learn about the stage. So when the administration announced that the program had been eliminated, a new company was created in its place. You see, the students discovered the love of theatre and they were not going to let it go away! Click here to read a recent article.

The results of the first Senior Theatre survey have been released and included in a recent article. Take a moment to read the piece. It will help you get a better understanding of what’s happening in the field.

Click here for results of the Senior Theatre Survey
Audience participation is great: You’re the Jury-The State vs Max Cooper
A scene from You're the Jury: The State vs Max Cooper<br /><br /><br />
A scene from You’re the Jury: The State vs Max Cooper

When the audience is involved, theatre comes alive. We have several shows in this category but wanted you to notice the courtroom drama, You’re the Jury-The State vs Max Cooper. The cast is flexible, can be double cast, and either memorized or read. This is one engaging show!

Here’s the case: Peter Lambert moved into a tranquil community and soon began terrorizing the neighbors, including Max, an upstanding member of the town. Soon they were in a feud that escalated on one fateful night when Max shot Peter in the shoulder, causing Dean Palan to veer off the road and die.

The State argues that rage and revenge were involved in this exciting courtroom drama, laced with humor, in which the audience, as the Jury, must deliver the verdict. Three different endings are provided depending on the jury’s outcome.

This production will work great in your community setting. Unique, interactive, and engaging? Guilty as charged. Click here to explore You’re the Jury.

Click here for audience participation shows
Group of the Month: ACT–ACTivate Your Community
ACT's Life Stories cast has fun onstage<br /><br /><br />
ACT’s Life Stories cast has fun onstage

ACTivate Community Through Theatre (ACT) works with youth and senior communities in Charlotte and outlying North Carolina counties. In 2011, ACT partnered with Matthews Playhouse to produce a ‘Life Stories’ production. The overwhelming success of this production resulted in the formation of the first Senior Theatre Company in the area, The Forever Young Players. This past December, the company of 15 seniors, in partnership with Matthews Playhouse, premiered ‘Tis the Season, a holiday touring production of short plays and holiday life stories.

This May, Dr. Wrenn Goodrum, Director of The Forever Young Players, will direct three casts sharing the roles in an unconventional staging of a well-loved play. It’s onward and upward for the company!

List your company as the Group of the Month

Click here to read more about ACT
View our Catalog!
Click on the catalog!<br /><br /><br />
Click on the catalog!


We’re on facebook and youtube
Check out our facebook page.
Check out our facebook page.

Facebook: Now we can have a more extended conversation, by using our facebook page. Become a ‘fan,’ then send in information, and keep the connection and the movement growing!

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