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122 Best Loved Songs

21 Humorous Short Plays

23 New, Humorous Short Plays

25 Humorous New Skits

31 Humorous Skits and Comedy Scenes

A Bag Full of Miracles

A Collie for Christmas

A Grand Entrance

A Laugh and a Half

A Profusion of Roses

A Stage for Memory

A Few Good Years

A Few Good Years–The Musical

Acting in Televison Commercials

Age on Stage: ® Comedies for Readers Theatre Volume 1

Age on Stage: ® Comedies for Readers Theatre Volume 2

Age on Stage: ® Lifewriting Your Monologue

Age on Stage: ® Ten Minute Plays

Aging Artfully

All I Want is the Recipe
All I Want is the Recipe–Spanish version
All I want is the Recipe–French version

At Half Time

At the Border

Barrier-Free Theatre: Including Everyone in Theatre Arts–in Schools, Recreation, and Arts Programs –Regardless of their (Dis)Ability

Bitsy and Her Friends

Bowling with Dixie

Boy Toy

Can I Put You on Hold?

Carol Burnett Show Sketches: The Old Folks

Chatterton Country Club

Close Call

Clyde, is that You?

Coconut Creme Pie


Coming of Age

Connecting Through Music for Dementia

Consider the Possibilities


Creative Dramatics for Senior Adults

Creativity Matters: The Arts and Aging Toolkit

Dance of the Sugar Plump Fairies

Describing Life: Monologs for Women

Dinner Plans

Directing Older Actors

Don’t Just Applaud–Send Money

Drama Activities with Older Adults


Enriching an Older Person’s Life

Forget Me Not

Frank’s 75th Christmas

Funny Stuff: 10 Skits by Olga

Garden of Entanglements

General Bingo

Generating Community

Gin & Tonic
Gin & Tonic — in French
Gin & Tonic — in Spanish

Grand Moves

Grown-Up Games

Hi Tech


How to Marry the Minister

How to Write Successful Fundraising Letters

How to Start a Senior Theatre Package

I’m Stayin’ Alive

In Rumi’s Field

In the Restroom at Rosenblooms

Inhale, Exhale, Stretch & Move

Introduction to Readers Theatre

Improv Starters

It’s Hell Gettin’ Old

Joggin’ Along
Joggin’ Along — in French
Joggin’ Along — in Spanish

Just a Song at Twilight

Ladies at Poker

Ladies of the Mop

Legacy Works

Love and Other Investments

Love Conquers the Wild West

Lust ‘n Digestion

Maisie and Grover Go to the Theatre

Make Money Producing Weekday Luncheon Theatre

Make Mine Metamucil

Making a Move

Makeup for Older Actors

Memories of a Wonderful Life

Merry Christmas Caper

Mimi and Me

Mother is Losing It

Moving to Mozart

Mr. E’s Radio Spiritz Show

Mrs. Palsgraf’s Dream Team

Music, Movement and Longevity

Navy Bean Soup

Never Act Your Age

New Car Shopping–Women’s Version
New Car Shopping–Men’s Version

New Monologues for Mature Actors

New Plays for Mature Actors

No Frills Airline

Notes on Directing

Now Hear This

Old Hams

Pass it On! Storytelling in the Schools

Plays for Readers Theatre

Prejudice Meets Its Waterloo

Readers Theatre Anthology

Readers Theatre Karaoke TM

Reminiscence Theatre

Return Engagement Plays Volume 1

Return Engagement Plays Volume 2

Reunion at Mt. Sanguine

Rise & Shine

Roots&Branches: Creating Intergenerational Theatre

Roses to Plan

Roxie McCoy…Private Eye

Sand Dancing

Scripting our Lives: Oral History Theatre

Scrooge with a Twist

Seasoned Theatre

Senior Moments

Senior Theatre Connections

Seniors Acting Up


Short Stuff


Singing Drips

Skits for Seniors – Holiday Plays

Skits for Seniors – Humorous Plays

Skits for Seniors –  Reminiscing Plays

Skunked by a Dog

Sometimes a Rainbow

Spare Nothing

Special Screening Today

SS Shipenshore

Stagebridge Storytelling Sampler

Standing Ovation

Stanley’s Choice

Starting Over

Stimu-Drama: Using Music and Movement

Stolen Flowers

Storytelling for Grantseekers

Strange UFO

Stretching for Seniors

Substitute Sitters

Summer Dreams/Winter Wishes

Sunny Room in Charming House

Sylvia and Myrna

Telling the Stories of Life through Guided Autobiograghy Groups

The Bug Hunter

The Challenge of Bureaucracy

The Christmas Coffee

The Committee

The Day they Kidnapped Blanche

The Glass Slipper Still Fits

The Further Adventures of Super Hero and Doris Drive

The Gold Standard

The Golden Stage

The Improv Game

The Last Day at W.O.R.K.

The Oldest Living Graduation Speaker

The Magazine

The Perfect Groom

The Pie Ladies

The Pie Ladies Make Bail

The Quibbles Radio Shows

The War at Home

The Wild Sister

The Wrong Captive

Theatre of Memories

This River is Gold

Those Dog Gone Wrinkles

TipSheet: Bibliography for Senior Theatre

TipSheet: Connecting Baby Boomers to Community Theatre

TipSheet: Course Plan for Senior Theatre

TipSheet: Fundraising for Senior Theatre

TipSheet: How to Name a Senior Theatre

TipSheet: How to Start a Senior Theatre

TipSheet: New Trends in Senior Theatre

TipSheet: Writing Plays for Senior Theatre

Truth In Advertising

Under a Magical Moon

Visiting Mr. Green

Volunteering Has Its Moments

Waiting for Dr. Hamlett

Way Out West of Broadway

When Irish Cows are Smiling

Women Are Funny

Young at Heart DVD

You’re the Jury: The State vs Max Cooper

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