Cosmic Elders Theatre Ensemble

Cosmic Elders Theatre Ensemble is a group of older adult theatre makers who wish to shatter society’s assumptions about aging. Through ensemble-devised performances, on-going creative research, experimentation, and public workshops, the Cosmic Elders position themselves as zestful agents of art in community, celebrating life with enthusiasm, courage, and dignity.

Since 2015, Director/Facilitator Evan Johnson has cultivated a unique environment of creative risk-taking and playfulness. Participants are invited to express their lived experiences and develop new perspectives in theatrical forms.
The Cosmic Elders represent an expansive and wildly irreverent approach to aging creatively. As a group, they aspire to create meaningful and artistic works that engage an intergenerational audience, spark dialogue, and spread joy.

Past projects include: Reno ‘89, Barn Owl, The Voice Over Project, Wiggle Room for Eccentricity, and The Cosmic Elders Showcase.

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