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2022 Best Seller List

With our extensive collection, it’s sometimes difficult to choose what you’d like to order next. Here’s our list of the top 10 Best Sellers for this year. You’re going to enjoy these popular items:

Age on Stage®: Comedies for Readers Theatre Volume 1
This collection of ten 10-minute comedies is a laugh fest all the way.

Seniors Acting Up!
Includes ten amusing one act plays, six skits and additional information such as how to cope with stage fright.

Age on Stage®: Comedies for Readers Theatre Volume 2
Here it is-Book Two from the author of the best-selling Age on Stage®: Comedies for Readers Theatre, Volume 1. Open to any page in this book and you will find quirky characters in humorous situations.

Engage! 28 Creative Enrichment Experiences for Older Adults
If you want to stimulate older persons’ minds and imaginations, this gem of a book is for you. Create sessions that are filled with creativity, exploration, and fun.

Teaching Senior Theatre Classes
Based on the author’s many years of teaching older actors, this document will help you organize, plan, market, and teach Senior Theatre classes that inspire.

Improv with Older Actors: Book and Flash Cards
Spice up classes and improvisation groups with the “Improv Flash Cards” together with “Improv with Older Actors,” at a special price!

Short Plays by the Dozen: A Collection by Arthur Keyser
You’re going to enjoy these 12 fun-filled, and often poignant, plays in class and in performance.

Bingo Ladies Gone Bad
15 minute comedy, 7 women
Hijinks and shenanigans rule the day as the ladies of the Perfect Petunias Garden Club pull out all the stops at the yearly luncheon and bingo game.

Theatre-Antics: 12 Comedies for Older Actors
“Hilarious,” is what actors and directors say about these plays. Useful for older actors in any skill level, the shows are both fun to read and perform.

The Naked Man on the Couch
20 minute comedy, 1 man and 3 women
Suppose you’re a older lady, waking on the morning of a trip to a mysterious naked man (though he’s under covers) on your living room sofa. No nudity, just laughs!

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