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Join the Senior Theatre Resource Center. As the central clearinghouse for Senior Theatre information, it connects, promotes, and encourages excellence. As one of the leaders in the field, you need to have a presence.

Wonderful things have come to our members! They landed more bookings, received more media coverage, and attracted more attendees. One company was hired to act in medical model patient trainings; numerous film and commercial companies have cast actors from groups on the website. Several playwrights connected with companies and have become their writers-in-residence…simply, great results!

As a member of the Senior Theatre Resource Center, you receive:

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As a member of the Senior Theatre Resource Center, you:

1. Get visibility. is a portal site for the field with over 2,968+ visitors from around the world every month

2. Make connections. We’re #1 on Google so the page links you to booking agents, tour operators, playwrights, participants, and others.

3. Build credibility for your work.

4. Capture media attention because the ‘one-stop-shopping’ site makes it easy for media sources to find you.

5. Energize your important work. The comprehensive site brings visitors back time and time again.

Here are our amazing statistics for 2012:

  • 35,611 individuals (“unique visitors”) made 73,248 visits to the site
  • Average number of unique visitors per month was 2,968.
  • 3,507  visitors spent up to 30 min on the site in a single visit
  • 4,779 visitors spent 30 min to hour on the site in a single visit
  • 2,863 visitors spent more than 1 hour on the site in a single visit

Visitors to live mainly in the United States and Canada. Others are from Great Britain, Australia, European countries, Netherlands, India, Germany, Sweden, China, Norway, Hong King, South Africa, Singapore, Ireland, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Japan, Italy, New Zealand, and all around the world.

The cost is $125 USD per year–only $10 per month in high-value, inexpensive marketing and information directly aimed at the target market.

Tell us “Yes!” Then, send us a 2-300 word description, several photos, and your contact information. Pay by check, credit card, purchase order, or click here to join now

It’s a win-win! Your membership helps support the Senior Theatre movement while we help your company grow and thrive! Of course, let us know if you have any questions.

When I found myself at the ArtAge website on Senior Theatre groups. I was so jazzed that I copied the article and ran right over to our local Arts Council with the suggestion that we ask one of the groups to be in our next concert series. Marilu

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