Animals, Cats, and Dogs

Animal lover or not, we know you’ll enjoy these fun plays about animals and critters!

A Memoir of Jackson
Rona Altrows
2 women; 1 man and 1 woman; or 2 either
10 minute play
Penner, a retired engineer, has hit a block in his memoir writing class at the local senior center. But when he suggests that the autobiography be about his elderly cat, Jackson, the teacher gives him another block. This is a sweet story about making lemonade from lemons and the strength of relationships and cats!

Canine Contact
Penny Bloodhart
1 man, 1 woman
5 minute comedy
On a pleasant morning, George and Gracie encounter each other on a familiar park bench. Slightly acquainted, they briefly share the challenges of getting older. Through a happy exchange of ideas, they emerge hopeful about the future.

A Collie for Christmas
Jules Abrams
30 minute holiday play
4 women, 1 either
Julie is determined to get a dog and when she does, it has troubles that only the veterinarian can cure. A heartwarming holiday tale!

On Purpose
Linda LaRocque
10 minutes
3 either
The old concession stand on the beach is going to be torn down, so the longtime proprietor gathers with a seagull friend to say goodbye. It’s a story about the need to have purpose in your life, no matter what your age.

The Cat Lady Christmas
Allison Engel & Margaret Engel
60 minute radio play comedy
3 women, 2 men, 2 either
Corly promises her new beau, an allergist, that she’s pet-free, but the opposite becomes hilariously true just as he’s about to cook her a Christmas Eve dinner.

The E.B.F.F. Wants You
Judith S. Offer
33 minute comedy
2 women, 1 man
When Wegner, the East Bay Feline Friends founder, calls on two sisters, they believe he’s with the East Bay Friendship File dating service and that his visit is part of a screening process. The mix-ups lead to humorous developments and a satisfying conclusion.

The Fairy Ring
Linda LaRocque
10 minute fantasy
3 either
Deep in the forest, an old leaf encourages a caterpillar go on the next adventure. But the caterpillar is afraid and won’t leave the fairy ring until he’s nudged out of his comfort zone.

A Slight Misunderstanding
Drena Heizer
10 minute comedy
A woman is adopting a puppy, but two friends misunderstand something overheard and think she is adopting a baby. The conversation in a restaurant is a comedy of errors.

Those Dog Gone Wrinkles
Olga Sanderson
7 minute comedy
3 women, 2 men
Elsie tests her revolutionary wrinkle cream on dogs at a blue ribbon dog show.

Skunked By A Dog
Olga Sanderson
5 minute comedy
2 women, 1 man
When Ann and Mary hear about their mother’s wedding to Mr. Schlepenheimer, they create a crazy plan that just might work.

The Bug Hunters
Olga Sanderson
10 minute comedy
2 men, 2 women, 1 either
These crafty sisters are suspicious of the Inspectors from the State Board of Health, and they were right!

Feeble Fables
Bob Naquin
Feeble Fables 
is a series of four short plays based on folk tales but retold with a modern twist. These plays can be performed separately or all together; click here for the full list of shows. Check out The Three Little Pigswhich is a 20 minute comedy with 4 women and 1 either, or The Grasshopper and the Ant, a 20 minute comedy with 3 women.

Benny and Pearl Loving in a Goldfish Bowl
Linda L. Rand
18 minute comedy
1 man, 1 woman
A short romantic comedy that asks, “Can two fish bring old childhood friends together?” Well, if the fish can’t, Benny’s mother sure knows how. This love story brings you the hope that you need to believe, no matter how many false starts you have in life it’s never too late for the real thing.

Dead Cat: The Play
Bob Naquin
25 minute comedy
4 women, 2 either, extras if available
Everyone has an insufferable cat lover in their lives, but this gets out of hand when the cat lover decides to hold a funeral service for a dead cat that isn’t even hers.


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