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Fine Print
10 minute comedy, 1 man, 1 either
Though honesty is the best policy at Heavens’ Human Resources Department, Harry can’t help doing what’s he’s always done, winning him a fun second trip!

Maisie Drags Grover to the Theatre
10 minute comedy, 1 man, 1 woman
Maisie and Grover have come to the theatre using anniversary-present tickets from their children. She loves the idea; he hates it.

Special Screening Today
10 minute comedy, 1 man, 4 women, 2 either, plus extras
When someone cuts in line at the hot new movie, Janice and her friends have to act quickly to save a fun night out!

Marty’s Bromance
15 minute comedy, 2 men, 1 woman
Laura and Marty have been married for 30 years but when Marty is forced into early retirement, Laura tries to help with unexpected results!

Secrets in the Clouds
15 minute comedy, 2 women
Liz and Elsie, friends for 30 years, meet in the Afterlife, where secrets are revealed as they play games and drink Irish Whiskey. Wonderful, lively characters full of punch.

Keys to Her Kingdom
15-20 minute issue oriented play, 4 women, 1 offstage man’s voice
In this mostly light-hearted play, Sylvia Allen struggles with the predicament of  “When should I stop driving?” Her well-ordered life turns upside down when she has a small fender-bender.

15-20 minute comedy, 2 women
Bettie, a veteran widow, explains the tangled maze of learning to live without your spouse in this surprisingly funny short play.

Frank’s 75th Christmas
20 minute comedy, 11 flexible cast
Laugh through this popular holiday play about an unhappy character who gets a special visit on Christmas Eve that changes his bad attitude and his listless life.

Stolen Flowers
20 minute drama, 2 women
This powerful show brings two sisters together to reveal long-simmering family problems that must be addressed–now. What a play!

20-25 minute comedy, 3 men, 7 women
After experiencing age discrimination in her workplace and seeing how her mother is affected by ‘ElderSpeak’ at the health care facility, Joan comes up with a plan.

Under a Magical Moon
20-25 minute romance, 1 man, 1 woman or can be staged with 3 men and 3 women
Since ancient times, the magic of the night sky has held sway over Love and Lovers. Whether in Verona, Italy between Romeo and Juliet, or in Muncie, Indiana.

The Perfect Groom
25 minute comedy, 5 men, 7 women, 25 minute comedy 5 men, 7 women
This play is the perfect little comedy. It is very easy to stage, with lots of action as the characters air their views and participate in what ought to be Jane’s perfect wedding. Will Jane tie the knot at last? What fun!

Bernie and the Beast
30 minute comedy, 1 man, 1 woman
Bernie and Evelyn are loving their road trip when they get lost in South Dakota. Their night at a second rate motel reveals a first rate relationship.

The Last Day at W.O.R.K.
40 minute radio play comedy, Gender Flexible roles for 12-16 actors
A radio station, W.O.R.K., is signing off the air after 50 years. The station owners have invited back their old favorite acts for one last nostalgic show.

1 hour, flexible cast with any number of men, women, of all ages
Created by a well-respected intergenerational company, this show turns the economic crisis into an opportunity to bring the generations together. Crash provides audiences with hope, insight, and joy.

When Irish Cows are Smiling:  The Hilarious MOO-morial Tribute to O’Leary’s Cow
80+ minute comedy, 2 men, 1 woman, plus audience participants
With all of its wit, charm and laughter, this is a knee-slapping performance. Set in March 1872, five months since the Great Chicago Fire, this MOO-morial pays tribute to Mrs. O’Leary’s cow.

Memories of a Wonderful Life
80+ minutes comedy 3 men, 1 woman, plus offstage voice
You may be familiar with the annual television classic, It’s A Wonderful Life, but this live theatrical version has a little twist!

Reunion at Mt. Sanguine
90 minute comedy, 4 men, 6 women
This warm and humorous script of a 50th high school reunion brings a colorful group to their Midwestern roots along with their pasts and futures. Makes for quite an evening!

Gen. BingO: A Comedy about Life, Patriotism, Bingo…and a Chance to win a Frozen Turkey
90 plus minute comedy, 1 man, 2 women, plus audience
In the local VFW hall at Wednesday Night Bingo, audience members are made to feel like one of the regulars! They’ll laugh and sing and play some wild and wacky audience games.

98 minute comedy, 2 men, 5 women, 1 female voice
When four sorority sisters get together for a reunion week of fun and frolic, the gathering doesn’t go as planned. Their relationships are tested but friendship prevails.


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