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“Senior Theatre is one of the fastest growing forms of the performing arts,” a fact documented by the growth of our database, the largest in Senior Theatre. The expansion wouldn’t be possible without the dedicated work of Bonnie L. Vorenberg, the President of ArtAge Publications. For over 30 years she has been passionate about Senior Theatre and has worked as a teacher, director, author and speaker. Now Bonnie brings her Senior Theatre knowledge to create the largest collection of Senior Theatre materials.

ArtAge’s Senior Theatre Resource Center provides service to the field with:

  • Marketing campaigns and promotions
  • Personalized consultations
  • Workshops, keynote addresses, and other speaking engagements
  • Memberships in the Senior Theatre Resource Center

Our reward is thousands of satisfied worldwide customers in a field that continues to grow. Read kudos from our many satisfied customers!

Read more about ArtAge in Time Magazine, see coverage of our work on NBC’s “Second Chance: Search for America’s Most Talented Senior,” and check out our many feature stories and articles.

If you have a new idea or need help, please contact us.

Thanks to our wonderful customers, playwrights, colleagues, and friends who make our work so meaningful. You are appreciated!

“You’ve done a really wonderful job of providing scripts that seniors really like. You are doing a great service.” —Dan Spedale

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